Storage Unit Size Guide

Before you decide which storage unit size you want you should think about a few things, such as will you ever add more items to the self-storage unit later on? Take a quick inventory of all the things that you need to fit in the storage unit. It would also be good to come up with a quick plan about how things will store better such as bigger items toward the bottom, clean aisles, labeling, etc.. This list includes a lot of the more common storage unit sizes.

05×10  - This sized unit is about the size of a small walk-in closet.  It will fit the furnishings of a mid-size bedroom, including a queen size bed, a dresser, a TV and several small to medium size boxes. 

10×10  - This sized unit can usually store about the same as a one bedroom apartment. couches, washer dryer, etc, some furniture and boxes etc. 

10x15 - This size can store about a two-bedroom apartment 

10×20  - This size can store about a three bedroom apartment, Furnishings, couches, tables, washer dryers, boxes, clothes, pianos etc. 

10×30 - This is about the equivalent of storing the contents of a four to five-bedroom house. 

10×40 - This is about the equivalent of storing the contents of a  five bedroom house with major appliances and room for boxes.

Take a little thought beforehand before you start just moving your items into a random storage unit. Nobody wants to get half their items in a storage unit just to find out they need a bigger one.